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    1. Chaparral Machinery Home 3435 Roy Orr Blvd.
      Suite 100
      Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

      972-313-1987 (Phone)
      972-313-1984 (Fax)
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      Chaparral Machinery

      Hurco VMX30UHSi 5-axis Machining Center
      with Erowa Robot Compact ERC

      North Texas Regional machine tool Distributor in Dallas Fort Worth for
      CNC Machinery for metal working and chip cutting manufacturing.

      Hurco Can Help Your Shop
      Be More Profitable

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      Hurco Products

      Hurco's controls and software have redefined the machine tool industry, but the difference doesn't stop there. For over 35 years, Hurco has dedicated itself to developing machining centers that outperform the competition in every way. No other machining center combines the power, flexibility, precision, and intelligence of a Hurco - all at an unbeatable price.

      There simply are no other machines in the industry that combine the power, flexibility, precision and intelligence of a Hurco. Certainly nothing in Hurco’s price range. These mills and lathes are so different they’re redefining the industry. And have been for years.

      Chaparral Machinery is a regional machine tool distributor serving Texas and New Mexico.
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